Dobrota is one of the places on our coast where all the beauty and glitter of the ancient Boka and noble Kotor is still visible, from the times when sailboats, like the ones from the stories of Ivo Vizin sailed across the oceans carrying all the glory of this place throughout the world and bringing al sorts of richness to local palaces.

Dobrota was once a large maritime area.A status of  a maritime area was achived in 1717 but it’s maritime tradition is much older.In that period were builth the famous palaces of Dobrota’s families:Dabinovic-Kokot, Tripkovic, Ivanovic, Radoncic, Milosevic and others.

St Matija’s church is also one of the Dobrota’s treasures.Built in 1670 on the foundations of a medieval church and in baroque style it contains marble shrines and the famous Giovanni Bellini’s painting ‘Madonna with child’

A promenade in Dobrota spreads several kilometers along the sh

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